Online Orthodontic Group Courses

Our OOGC's are Great For:

The New & Inexperienced

Offices that have a new or inexperienced team member.


Offices that are looking to cross-train their employees.

The Continual Learner

Offices with experienced team members looking for clarity.

Confused 2 Confident™

Orthodontic Insurance Masterclass

Imagine this: You head to work every morning with a question mark over your head. You've never had any proper education on your position and continue to learn by overcoming daily hurdles. Sound exhausting?

Hello, insurance coordinator! We see you. We know the struggles you face, because we've been there!

It’s time to pull all of the pieces together and get you the education you are long overdue for.

Confused 2 Confident™ is a 3 week group coaching program specifically designed for insurance coordinators looking to build their confidence while keeping patients smiling along the way.

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Master The Money™

Orthodontic Financial Masterclass

I'll say it: A financial coordinator is ONE of the most important roles within a practice. Why? Because without proper financial policies in place, the office isn't bringing in the income.

With that said, financial coordination is a very intimating job. Awkward conversations regarding personal finances definitely isn't for the faint at heart.

That's why we created the first of it's kind orthodontic financial course.

Master the Money™ is a 2 week group coaching program that will help your office handle those awkward financial conversations while setting financial boundaries that leave patients eager to pay you!

Learn 2 Lead™

Orthodontic Office Manager Masterclass

You've done it! You've officially made it to the top of the ladder within an orthodontic office. This is a HUGE accomplishment and not one to be taken lightly. Now you might be wondering, what am I in for?

Learn 2 Lead is a 2-week group coaching program specifically designed for office managers looking to build an efficient, goal-oriented office whose team continues to stay motivated and driven to succeed.

Dental Assistant 2 Ortho Assistant™

Orthodontic Assistant Masterclass

You've done it! You just finished your dental assisting program and land a killer assisting position at an awesome office. The catch? It’s an orthodontic office and you learned the BARE minimum about orthodontics in your assisting program!

Dental assistant 2 Ortho assistant is a 3 week group coaching program specifically designed for dental assistants that are in need of orthodontic knowledge gains. When gains are added, mini orthodontists are made!

Secrets 2 Scheduling™

Orthodontic Scheduling Masterclass

TWO gets it! Being a schedule coordinator is a HUGE task. Scheduling appointments in the right spot at the right time to keep not only the team happy but your patient's happy too!

Secrets 2 Scheduling is a 2-week group coaching program specifically designed for scheduling coordinators wanting " all the secrets' to deliver and manage comfortable schedules for your team!

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