Online Orthodontic Group Courses

Our OOGC's are Great For:

The New & Inexperienced

Offices that have a new or inexperienced team member.


Offices that are looking to cross-train their employees.

The Continual Learner

Offices with experienced team members looking for clarity.

Confused 2 Confident

Orthodontic Insurance Masterclass

Imagine this: You head to work every morning with a question mark over your head. You've never had any proper education on your position and continue to learn by overcoming daily hurdles. Sound exhausting?

Hello, insurance coordinator! We see you. We know the struggles you face, because we've been there!

It’s time to pull all of the pieces together and get you the education you are long overdue for.

Confused 2 Confident is a 3 week group coaching program specifically designed for insurance coordinators looking to build their confidence while keeping patients smiling along the way.

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Dull 2 Dynamite

Social Media Masterclass

Let's face it: In today's social media crazed generation having a strong presence on social channels is key to growing your practice. However, creating the content every single day is daunting! 

This course is specifically designed for orthodontic team members who want to manage their office's social media channels with a breeze.

Upon completion of this course, your office will not only have a custom social media calendar, but the peace of mind that your social channels are consistently staying updated and relevant.

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