Get to know us.

TWO is an orthodontic coaching agency whose focus is to coach orthodontic teams in today's market. We're committed to providing the offices we work with with clear, relevant solutions that can be used today and tomorrow.

We pride our relationships with your staff on the simple fact that we truly can see eye-to-eye with them, because we are the only coaches who have experience in every orthodontic position in an office. Our promise to you is that the insights we deliver are relevant, real and actionable.

Meet B+Meg

1. Both started in ortho at age 16. #firstjobever

2. No, we're not twins. But our dad's gene game is strong.

3. We seriously only argue over our love for our phones. TeamiPhone vs. TeamAndriod 

Our Process

PEOPLE FIRST The only way to be effective in coaching is to truly understand who you are coaching. We become apart of your team.

CLEAR COMMUNICATION Everything we do -- we want to be as clear, honest, and straightforward as possible.

PRAGMATIC We don't believe in excessive spending for great insight. We've built our systems around being as cost-effective as possible.

HAND PICKED As much as we want to, we totally get that we can't work with every office. The office's we do get the pleasure of working with are a second family.

Long story short...

The job isn't done until you're seeing results. Since we become part of your team, our mission is to not stop until those results are achieved.