The power of an educated team.

Virtual coaching for the next generation of orthodontic offices.


Let's build your practice for the future.

We want to know -- What's keeping your office from progressing?


Hire an inexperienced team member -- or maybe you've moved a current teammate to a new position. Regardless the situation, our virtual training videos can get your team properly up to speed.

Cost of Training

The cost of education is astronomical! Every consultant or convention requires time off, hotels, flights, and more! This can make investing in team education a real burden.


Leave a recent convention and feel the pressure of having to implement so much at once? We help to implement new ideas with your team to successfully launch new protocol.

Redefining the future of education for your team.

We get it! Running an orthodontic office is hard. But what's even harder is running an orthodontic office without a properly educated team. Whether it be staff turnover and the need to hire a new employee or the battle to get your team to sit in on weekend long seminars -- we've been there. ​ That's why we virtually coach orthodontists and their team how to run an office that patients, doctors, and the community rave about. Having held down the fort for the last 12+ years in each position of an office, we guarantee our relatability to your team is truly something you can't find elsewhere.


Meet your TWO newest teammates.

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