Virtual Group Coaching Programs

Are you ready to join an incredible community of orthodontic team members? We have created a high level of support within our virtual group coaching programs, so you can give your team the education they need in an affordable and timely manner. Gain huge value not just from our incredible content that has helped so many offices, but also from the other rockstar team members in our groups, who love to share their experiences and offer insight that is invaluable.

Great For:

The New & Inexperienced

Hire a new employee who doesn't have experience in her position? Let us help bring them up to speed with VGC.


Looking to take your team to the next level by eliminating job descriptions? We LOVE cross-training. 

The Continual Leaner

Have an employee who has a pretty solid handle on things? Let's build up her confidence up by aligning her with her peers to help her grow.

Check Out Our Current Courses

Confused 2 Confident

Orthodontic Insurance Masterclass

Imagine this: You head to work every morning with a question mark over your head. You've never had any proper education on your position and continue to learn by overcoming daily hurdles. Sound exhausting?

Hello, insurance coordinator! We see you. We know the struggles you face, because we've been there!

It’s time to pull all of the pieces together and get you the education you are long overdue for.

Confused 2 Confident is a 6 week group coaching program specifically designed for insurance coordinators looking to build their confidence while keeping patients smiling along the way.

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